PCW #7 - Self-Integration Model: A Practical Guide for Therapists to Transform Lives (65102)

June 4, 2021 10:00 - 13:00
Virtual Event

PCW #7 - Self-Integration Model: A Practical Guide for Therapists to Transform Lives (65102)

Presented by:

 Ms. Donna Jacobs

Sponsored by:


Continuing Education Credits:

3 CE Credits






3 Hours

Target Audience:

Clinicians, Trainees, graduate students

Skill/Difficulty Level:


Workshop Description:

Therapists need practical, accessible, and effective models to help clients who are hurting and in need of shifting to psychological health and wellness. In presenting my original therapeutic model ("Self- Integration Model" SIM), my aim is to provide therapists with an effective way of transforming the lives of clients. SIM is a parts model that allows people to change their patterns while learning that they already possess all elements necessary to make changes to recover from depression, anxiety, hopelessness, self-doubt, paralysis, entitlement, grandiosity, or even victimhood. Once clients understand the parts of the self and how they interact, we can help them move from the unhealthy side of the model to the healthy side where they can live happy, productive, empowered lives. This workshop provides a foundational understanding of the parts and how they interact while understanding the impact of family of origin. We then examine examples of stressors and issues that clients present to us, and how to use the model to create change.

This 3-hour workshop series includes 3 parts:  1) Learning the Model, 2) Focus on Family of Origin, and 3) 6 Step Healing Process. Participants will receive handouts and worksheets within which to practice the model with case studies, as well as self-reflective exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will learn the parts of the Self-Integration therapeutic model
  2. Participants will learn how the parts of self are interrelated
  3. Participants will learn that we possess all the parts necessary to help clients move to change
  4. Participants will understand how our filter system affects the way we feel and learn how each state creates a link with a feeling
  5. Participants will understand how our families of origin affect how we react
  6. Participants will learn practical skills, such as 6 Step Healing, to move clients towards health